Thursday, 29 October 2009


It's with us and should be available in the shops soon, or pick a copy up at the IPMS Nationals next weekend

Monday, 26 October 2009

IPMS Nationals at Telford- NO Products!

Magazines only this year at IPMS!
If you like make an order we are happy to bring them with us
and you can pay for them at Telford.
You can make your order on this blog
or email
Many Thanks Keith

Monday, 19 October 2009


If your still lucky enough to be considered a 'junior' modeller, we want to hear from you!
We at Max want to give you some space in the magazine to show off pictures of your models and projects- any subject goes, just try and get some decent pictures which will be good enough to print and email them through - or post here. Prizes will be given for our favourites. Why not use the blog to ask any questions of more experienced modellers? we all had to start somewhere don't forget


MAX MODELLER have a great prize to give away- an Airbrush Company BudgetZ kit of Premi air double action precision airbrush and compressor (for set details go to

Over the next few months we want your good old fashioned modelling tips! the more unusual (or amusing!) the better- we'll be compiling some to feature and pick our favourite to win the prize! email or post here on the blog- OR-if you really want to go 'top-tips old school' -on the back of a postcard or sealed down envelope, send to Blue mean our office address...

Here's one from me to get things rolling:

A baby's disposable nappy (unused) is great to have on the bench when you're airbrushing to spray waste paint and cleaner into- they soak up an amazing amount of liquid and don't leak onto your workspace

IPMS Nationals at Telford- Come and see us!

AFV, AIR and MAX modeller will be at the Nationals all weekend! Come and pick up the very first copy of MAX and see what we're all about. All weekend we'll have our studio photography equipment set up on our stand to shoot YOUR models! we'll be compiling show reports, and as always, be on the lookout for future features so there's a chance to have a professional shot of your model in print- we'll have invites to leave with models we like around the show, or just bring yours along to the stand- see you there!

Web Shop - Alpine 16007 1/16 A Young Grenadier

Just in
Alpine 16007 1/16
A Young Grenadier

Sculpted by Taesung Harmms with 2 different heads each.

Manufacturer Alpine Miniatures

Price: £ 34.28

AFV AIR & MAX Magazines

AFV Modeller Magazine was launched in 2001 with a new high quality visually led approach which quickly proved popular and in 2005 the same concept was offered to aircraft modellers with AIR Modeller.

Now MAX Modeller joins the stable covering all subjects of scale modelling in an exciting monthly publication.