Monday, 19 October 2009


MAX MODELLER have a great prize to give away- an Airbrush Company BudgetZ kit of Premi air double action precision airbrush and compressor (for set details go to

Over the next few months we want your good old fashioned modelling tips! the more unusual (or amusing!) the better- we'll be compiling some to feature and pick our favourite to win the prize! email or post here on the blog- OR-if you really want to go 'top-tips old school' -on the back of a postcard or sealed down envelope, send to Blue mean our office address...

Here's one from me to get things rolling:

A baby's disposable nappy (unused) is great to have on the bench when you're airbrushing to spray waste paint and cleaner into- they soak up an amazing amount of liquid and don't leak onto your workspace


  1. Hi all i use the free cd,s from news papers ect as paint and super glue pallets.

  2. i have found the best tool for cutting parts from photo etch sheets is a pair of childs nail scissors.

  3. if you dip an old paint brush in to humbrols metalcoat polished steel,and leave it to dry.
    It can then be applied in a dry brushing style'y

  4. When you are down the pub with your mates and you mention your latest model, don't be surprised if they are disappointed if you show them your latest panzer 4 kit and not Heidi from Switzerland!

  5. Most airbrush compressors can do all of the tools mentioned operational requirements of the airbrush, but to varying degrees, depending on design. The cost depends on the capacity, while the excellence of the air depends on the extent of free from dust, moisture and oil free. The two important considerations in airbrush compressors and the exact volume and pressure.