Thursday, 29 October 2009


It's with us and should be available in the shops soon, or pick a copy up at the IPMS Nationals next weekend


  1. If we wanted to send a couple of pics for the Max gallery where would we send them?
    Regards. turner

  2. I picked up a copy today. I have not read it through yet but the first impression is very good. High production values as in the other magazines.


  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment Ross- pleased you like the look of Max Modeller.

    Gallery pics- post them here or email please let me know if they're work of a junior modeller. When we have a decent amount to use in the magazine we will do. We'll send out a prize after publishing the junior work so a contact postal address would be good

  4. great to see a new model mag on the market, I do hope that you will publish the readers model as many other magazine say they intend to but never seem to get around to it, a good qaulity mag is what model makers want and you have hit the track running I have placed an order at my local hobby store and can not wait for issue two
    regards Barrie

  5. Hi - nice start! I just finished reading issue 1 and was pleased to see a mag attempting to fuse diverse subject groups. I'm a dyed in the wool AFV modeller but all the projects in issue 1 got me interested and the 2 photos of the stricken German Coaster at the end of the magazine were simply mind blowing.


    Darren Stoke-on-Trent

  6. This nice magazine! Had a flick through and I hope you are successful in getting younger modellers involved as well as displaying readers work now and again. I think all too often many modellers can feel left out, or like its difficult to break into the little close nit circles of friends who people who know each other. Giving them a boast buy showing their work in a magazine I think really helps to develop the hobby for them, and get others involved.

    Rob Harvey

  7. Thanks to everyone for your comments- looks like we're off to a good start...